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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Pretty Little Goof-balls

All ready to go, but boy was it a pain to get them there!!!!
She is over a year old and we still fight over whose turn it is to hold this baby.
"I don't want to get dressed, and if you want to get me, you will have to get through my big sister!"
"Hide me!"

Actually, this was the result of a photo shoot I was doing trying to get a few good pictures of Elsa in her pretty white dress. Here is what I got:

Elsa Makes it All Better

Adele hates, HATES, to have her diaper changed and to get clothes on. The process, from the second she realizes it is going to happen, often results in screaming, yelling, and crying. And then afterwards she needs to recover for a few minutes. She often finds that the arms of her sister are a great place to do this.

This series of pictures were taken over the course of about a minute or so. They document the normal transition from traumatized to happy again.

Right before this one was taken, she was kicking and screaming bloody murder. I handed her to Elsa and told Elsa to stand by the door.

I call this shot "OK Mom, we May have Peace (But I'm Watching You)"
"Finally, Someone I can Trust"
(I should mention that in Adele's entire life, ever, Elsa has never changed her diaper.)
"I See a Smile Creeping Up Your Toes"
"What's That Flashy Thing Mom is Showing Us?"
"I Love Flashy Things!"
"Mom is Forgiven"